Metal sheet working

The sheet metal working was the main reason for us to build up our own metal working department in 2011. Especially for a power supply manufacturer with many custom projects, it is important to be able to react quickly with prototypes and … read more

Laser cutting

The advantage of the laser cutting machine is the flexible processing of different geometries and sheet thickness. Complex contours and shapes can be created without burrs and without tools. For … read more

CNC punching

Depending on the quantity, our manual punching machines or CNC cutting machine are ready for use. For large quantities our 60 t and 90 t punching machines are ideally suited. With the large tools, … read more

For the sheet metal casing construction, the CNC bending machine is irreplaceable. Our CNC controlled bending machine with 6 axes edges and bends sheet metal up to 3000 mm bending length. Technical … read more