TPS Electronic-Manufacturing - EMS

The TPS electronics engineering team has many years experience in power related products, design and manufacturing. From electronic circuits design to prototyping, from certification to mass production - TPS provides a comprehensive customer service, in collaboration with with external institutions for certification and electromagnetic compatibility EMI + safety approval such as CE, VDE, UL.
The complete electronic-manufacturing process is ESD protected and ROHS compliant.

Our business activities:

• Electronic design and PCB layout
• Prototyping / small series production
• Components inspection, PCB inspection
• SMT, reflow soldering
• THT, wave soldering, manual soldering
• Manual optical inspection, automatic optical inspection (AOI), electronical-function testing
• Design and building of testing tools / adapters
• Wiring harness / cable assembling + connectors
• Certifications in cooperation with testing institutes
• Function test, burn- in, safety test, high voltage test and leakage current test, temperature and humidity test, EMC test or customer specific test
• Test reporting, data management
• Labeling via label, printing or laser marking as well as packing and shipping