Mechanical manufacturing

Since 2011, we have our own manufacturing for metalworking which is mainly oriented on sheet metal working and construction of metal housings and heat sinks. TPS electronics include a manufacturing facility in the mechanical production: Lasing / … read more

Metal sheet working

The sheet metal working was the main reason for us to build up our own metal working department in 2011. Especially for a power supply manufacturer with many custom projects, it is important to be … read more

CNC turning and milling

In the area of milling our qualified and experienced staff works with a modern CNC machining centers on the finishing of your order. We mill: Steel / stainless steel Aluminum Plastic E. g. … read more


For the welding of steel, stainless steel and copper we use the TIG process (TIG = Tungsten Inert Gas). A separately supplied argon shielding gas protects the arc and the welding area from entry of … read more

Surface treatment

With reliable partners, we have the following facilities to edit surfaces: Surface treatment: Brushing and sandblasting Anodizing, zinc plating, nickel plating or chrome plating Painting or … read more