320 W - PSI 9000 DT Series

All Elektro-Automatik 320 W programmable laboratory power supplys of the PSI 9000 DT series.

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EA-PSI9200-04DT-DC Laboratory power supply-06200502

EA-PSI9200-04DT, DC-Laboratory power supply, 320 W, 200 V, 4 A, integr. …

EA-PSI9080-10DT-DC Laboratory power supply-06200501

EA-PSI9080-10DT, DC-Laboratory power supply, 320 W, 80 V, 10 A, integr. …

EA-PSI 9040-20-DT-DC Power supply-06200500

EA PSI9040-20DT, DC-Lab Power supply, 320 W, 40 V, 20 A, integr. ARB This …